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Project calendar

I love trying new things, so when this lovely young lady asked me to photograph her through the 12 calendar months I jumped at the chance to create something amazing for her. I’ve never done a project quite like this, so it’s pretty exciting. She originally wanted to do this for a gift, but has since looked at it as a token of her youth, for herself mostly and whomever else she chooses to share it with. This project has been really fun and challenging so far. With brainstorming ideas for each month sticking to an overall pin up vintage theme for posing and a sexy boudoir overtone.  What a fantastic way to immortalize herself and brave too! It doesn’t take only a pretty face, it takes guts and confidence to get in front of the camera in such a vulnerable way -and she is not lacking in either! So we are well on our way, with three months under our belt and nine more to go. I will be posting the photo sessions as I photograph them. Here are a few samples from holiday themed sessions already shot. Winter holiday theme first and a Valentines theme last. Enjoy!

moecalender-12moecalender-10Marueen moecalender-16


Be sure to check back for more photos!!!

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Butler/Eye family maternity session 2014


What words can I use to describe the joy that this family has brought me over the years! Nicky, her husband Dan, first girl Zoe and now on the way, Myla, the latest addition to this loving family. As April’s end gets closer and Nicky’s tummy grows bigger, the anticipation of meeting Myla grows stronger. Zoe is super excited to meet her new baby sister, as well, both Nicky and Dan are eager to meet their new baby girl. And I am lucky enough to get to be part of all of this too!

Everyone is different in front of the camera and my job is to capture all these fantastic personalities as accurately as possible in each photograph. As I know Nicky, she tends to love the natural look of light and simple healthy living, but she can shy away from the camera at times and needs a bit of coaxing. Zoe on the other hand, is somewhat of a diva. she will reach for nail polish, dresses and what ever else gives her an excuse to dress up! She is the first to try to take charge and pose in as many different ways as possible, smiling and twirling all the while. And Dan, although he might rather be in the garage, he’s happy to share in these special moments, and wouldn’t miss it for the world! So we will call him a loving father and a very good sport and leave it there!

I wonder what sort of personality Myla will have… We will find out soon, so check back in April to meet baby Myla.

New baby girl

New baby girl


Christine - March 4, 2014 - 7:55 pm

LOVE these guys with all my heart and can’t wait to meet my new Niece Myla!! The pictures are beautiful and really capture Dan, Nick and Zoe’s personalities!

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Snowbanks to beaches


Recently I returned from a vacation to Curaçao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast. The Country of Curaçao is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This affords a unique mix of European and Caribbean cultures. Brightly coloured housing and buildings framed by sea, sand and sky paint the landscape of this island paradise. Although there are many activities to partake in, a favorite pass time during my short visit was enjoying a mojito and good book on the beach. And as a photographer, of course, taking some photos of local views.

Small palm tree huts scatter the beach front, offering much appreciated shade from the afternoon sun. I sipped on my mojito while enjoying some sunshine, next and only thought was should I jump in for a swim now, or wait a few more minutes. My travel companion, a long time friend, is an avid diver, so hearing her stories about the ocean sites seen, was a nice transition into making evening plans. Just the perfect amount of time to spend on my own, but ready for what ever the night brings.

The night life on our dive resort in Curaçao was quiet and perfect to watch the sun go down with a glass of wine. We found some amazing food in a couple of different restaurants on Lions Dive & Beach Resort . A few nights, we ventured down the beach to the another resort with a stage and outdoor pool, sipping cocktails and listening to a dj or band was a nice change. But we were both happy to be able to return to our quiet resort at the end of the night.

Night life aside, during the day, if you get tired of the beach life, you can walk over to the dive shop and ask to book, snorkeling, diving, booze cruise or a tour with Ocean Encounters, or a multitude of other activities. We went on diving trips, where I snorkeled, saw dolphins and sea turtles. I also had the opportunity to swim inside a natural cave on the coast. Klien Curaçao. an uninhabited island about an hours boat trip away was so beautiful. The beaches were white sand and the ocean the colour of emeralds. it took my breath away.

We also took a trip into the capital city of Willemstad, where we took a tour that gave us the gist of the city. With Venezuela only 40 miles away, farmers bring their produce and fish to the floating market daily. The colours and smells are almost overwhelming to the senses. There is a port where cruise ship come into tour, so shops such as Gucchi, LV, Guess and any other brand name you can imagine mushroom up around the port. This creates quite a diverse shopping experience, from Tiffany’s to the farmers boats.

The local people were amazing, we met a few people that showed us around, took us to a beach party and told us about the local scene. One noted fact I quickly learned about the locals, is that they speak at least three languages. Papiamento and Dutch are the official two language, but everyone seemed well versed in English. It’s a different life, where rules don’t apply the same way they do in back home. And everyone seems to know everyone else. Small island I guess! We were shown such hospitality and made fast friends that we hope to come back and visit soon.

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